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Establishing hobbies

Establishing hobbies

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I think establishing hobbies is an important thing for people of all ages. Being able to fill your time doing something you enjoy is a skill that is useful throughout your life. I am so glad that my aunt showed me how to crochet when I was young. I usually have my crocheting with me in front of the television, on long car rides, or just sitting in front of the fireplace. The movements relax me and I have been able to create some very nice gifts for people through the years. I wanted to make sure that my children had the opportunity to learn some type of craft or hobby that they would be able to do throughout their life time.

My daughter always showed an interest in the crocheting. I showed her basic stitches and had her working on simple projects. She greatly enjoyed doing this as well as sewing with the sewing machine. She also liked embroidery. She is now grown and has a family of her own and she has made many beautiful things for their home with her sewing talents. My son has always had a great deal of energy. When he was in elementary school he did not have the patience to sit down to do anything crafty. My husband thought he might be able to get him interested in toy model cars. This is a hobby that my husband did when he was a child. When he mentioned this to my son he received a luke-warm response. He went to the store anyway and purchased a couple of toy model cars and began working on them in the evenings. Before long he was enjoying putting the cars together. He found that he was enjoying this more as an adult than he did as a child because his fine motor skills had improved. Our son began sitting at the table and watching the process of putting the cars together. When my husband had completed the toy model cars that he had purchased he said he was going to go back to the hobby shop and see what other models they had. Our son went along and discovered the model airplanes. He was quite interested in these. They purchased a plane kit along with another car model kit for my husband. The two of them would sit for long periods of time working on their models. Sometimes they would talk and other times they were quietly working on their own projects. Our son still does the model planes, and has even built his own airplane to fly. It is important to let kids find their own interests. If my husband would have insisted that they do the cars that he was interested in instead of the planes I am sure our son would not have participated.
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